German 1

Instructors: Klaudia Greco

German 1 is a beginning language course for non-native speakers who have little or no previous knowledge of the German language. The course is designed to introduce skills in speaking, reading, writing, comprehension and listening in order to prepare students to become conversationally proficient. Students will build language competencies by producing and by linking previously learned material. Students will be able to converse on familiar topics and write simple sentences on the topics presented in the book. Written exercises are geared to reinforce the oral exercises. In addition, the course will increase awareness of cultural and social differences and similarities and inherent characteristics of the populace within the US and Germany.

Learning Goals:

  • Introducing yourself and colleagues in social settings
  • Responding to basic polite requests in everyday situations
  • Utilizing numbers for simple mathematical functions
  • Reading a menu and ordering meals and drinks
  • Conversing on topics as hobbies, health etc.
  • Asking and telling the time of the day and the times of various events
  • Dates: days of the week, month and years
  • Reading and interpreting a train schedule
  • Making travel arrangements
  • Understanding and giving directions
  • Conversing regarding past events