Kindergarten + 1

Teacher: Frauke Graven
Assistant Teacher: Uta Burke

Children build upon the language skills that have been introduced in the Spielgruppe. Games, songs, crafts, and role-play help to create a fun filled environment.

In this class, students are brought together to explore the German language in an age appropriate environment. Subjects taught include: letters and numbers, colors and shapes, seasons, holidays, months of the year, days of the week, family members, food, parts of the body, and many more.

At this level, students are at least five years old and are either enrolled during the week in a Kindergarten program or as first grade students. With differentiated instruction, each student is allowed to grow at his/her own pace. Each student is individually encouraged and stimulated to improve his/her own reading, writing, listening, and speaking abilities.

Due to the small class size of 12 students maximum, our professional staff is able to establish a learner friendly atmosphere where students become active learners and are supported to reach their highest potential.

Kindergarten - 1