Children’s (In Person) Classes

Most classes are held on Saturdays from 9:15 to 12:15 am and the school year runs from September through May. All classes feature experienced teachers, many of whom have been teaching the German language for many years. Class size is kept small to allow for individualized attention and maximum interaction.

In all of our elementary programs, our school emphasizes active learning, utilizing creative projects and age appropriate arts and crafts. The speaking, reading, and writing of basic German vocabulary and sentence structure is taught, giving students practical, usable skills which they can apply in real world situations. Other focuses include listening comprehension and student presentations. At the higher grade levels we focus on a refinement of the pupil’s skills to encourage proper grammatical construction. Our choice of textbooks supplements and enhances our real world approach.

Our curriculum is supported by both music and computer classes. We believe a music program greatly aids students in vocabulary training as it introduces a fun methodology for learning difficult words. In addition, our fully equipped computer lab encourages active student practice of the concepts they have learned in the traditional classroom environment. This multifaceted pedagogical approach captivates our diverse student body, engaging different students through different teaching methods.


Details on each grade level that we offer can be found below. Upon admission, our staff will evaluate your child’s abilities to ensure that they are placed in the class in which they will excel.