Tuition and Fees

Below please find information on the tuition rates for children and adults. Please note that for the 2020 – 2021 school year, the non-refundable membership fee of $165.00 as well as the refundable volunteer fee of $200.00 is included in the tuition. For details about volunteering please check the Volunteer page. Tuition is discounted for the enrollment of additional children after the first child. All textbooks and materials are included in the tuition.

Children’s Tuition Table

First Child $ 1230.00
Additional Child $ 825.00

Adult Tuition Table

Beginner Conversational German $ 975.00
Intermediate Conversational German $ 975.00
Advanced Conversational German $ 975.00

Enrolling adult students with a child enrolled in our program may deduct $165.00 from the tuition fee.

For questions about our tuition rates, please contact our registrar, Ursula Gyarmati.