German 3

Instructor: Klaudia Greco

This course is designed to improve the student’s comprehension and conversational skills. The text for this course, Berliner Platz 3, is designed according to the ACTFL Proficiency Guidelines and the European Framework of Reference. The program is thus functionally and contextually driven and prepares the student for the Zertifikat Deutsch. The course concentrates not only on every-day topics, but also on information about Germany and German-speaking countries.

Typical class activities include question-answer exercises, situational role play, and discussions. A review of grammatical structures complements the listening-comprehension and speaking exercises. Students will also enjoy selected readings from literature, ranging from classical to modern, as well as current events and topics of interest.

Candidates for this course should be able to handle communicative tasks successfully by using the language in social situations. German 1 and German 2 or equivalent experience is a prerequisite for this course.