The Deutsche Sprachschule, Inc. is a non-profit German language school. In order to keep tuition low and our academic programs running smoothly, we depend on parents to assist with important tasks to enhance our students’ learning experience.

A volunteer fee of $250.00 (included in the tuition) is mandatory for all families registering for the school. After completing the five hours of required community service per school year, the fee will be reimbursed at the end of the school year. Additional volunteer hours do not carry over to subsequent school years.

Your preference in choosing an activity will be considered, but all positions need to be filled in order to offer the various programs. If you are unable to volunteer, please select the Not Participating option in the Preferred Volunteer Activity field at time of registration.

Once you have selected a volunteer activity, you will be contacted via email with additional details.

Only volunteer commitments recorded in Sycamore will count towards your volunteer time.

The below table lists the time credited per activity. You can choose from the following options:

Baker Provide baked goods during the bake sale fundraiser. 2 Hours
Book Cart Bring the library cart to classes and catalog books. 2 Hours
Classroom Aide Assist lower grade level teachers in the classroom. 3 Hours
Event Volunteer Set up, serve refreshments, and clean up after activities for students. 2 Hours
Photographer Take pictures of students and teachers during school events. 1 Hour
Refreshment Stand Man the refreshment stand during snack time on school days and restock supplies. 2 Hours
Shopper Purchase food and supplies for school functions. 1 Hour