Welcome To Our New Principal

Dear Parents, Colleagues, and Friends,

As this school year draws to a close in the most unusual way, the school board would like to congratulate you on having successfully mastered remote learning! It looked like everyone did really well under the circumstances. The teachers, students, and parents did a phenomenal job adjusting to the challenges of online classes. Before we conduct our last Saturday class for this school year, it is with great pleasure that we would like to introduce you to our new principal, Mr. Salvatore Veniero.

Many of you already know Herr Veniero as a beloved teacher of our school for level 3 and adult courses since 2011. What you might not yet know is that he is a highly regarded educator and leader at Saint Peter’s Prep in Jersey City, where he teaches German levels 1, 2, 3, and AP as well as Italian level 1. Mr. Veniero holds a Master of Arts in German from Middlebury College in Middlebury, VT and has most recently finished a Language Program Administrator certification. He also holds positions on the boards of language education associations in NJ. In addition, he organizes the German Exchange Program at Saint Peter’s Prep, which is very dear to his heart due to his personal experience with that program.

Mr. Veniero: “As a sophomore in high-school, I was selected to go on my first exchange trip to Germany, and it had a big impact on the trajectory of my life. I didn’t know then, that it would be the first of many extended stays in Germany – in the Eifel, in Eichstätt, and in Berlin. Through these experiences I came to love the German language for the people it brought into my life, the windows into the past I found in German literature, and the doors it opened for my future. That first trip to Germany really lit the fire for me in German class and I began to give a whole new level of effort. It was for that reason that I became a language teacher; I wanted to help students have the same eye-opening experiences that I had. I look forward to continuing that work in my new position as Principal of the German Language School, and I look forward to collaborating with the wonderful teachers here. Together, we will ensure the high quality instruction of our students and an inclusive environment for our whole school community!” Once again, a warm welcome to Mr. Veniero in his new position.

We wish our students a wonderful last day of school, and all of you a healthy and safe summer break. Please look out for further emails from the School Board throughout the break regarding various subjects such as registration and other school communication.